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Sweetening Coffee
Truly Great Coffee

Now I’m a huge coffee connoisseur so when I decided to try Cafe Con Leche I had high expectations. My morning cups of coffee mean a lot to get me through my day!!! At first look, I thought the coffee would have been too sweet but it was not at all it is delicious! You have such a balance of a coffee flavor and the sweet small hints of milk in between each sip. I love it cold and sometimes when I want a hot coffee I will shake it up and heat it in my mug and it still tastes like perfection. I love the French vanilla flavor it is my personal favorite you should check it out!🤗

— Breanna

Cup of Coffee
Great Product!

I’m not a fan for coffee, but Cafe Con Leche was so delicious you forget its coffee, and it really picks me up. 

— Charlie

Cafe con leche is the best!

They have created the perfect coffee experience! No matter what your buds prefer espresso, or sweet, or milk alternatives, they have you covered and cared for! I enjoy each and every sip :

— Christa

Sweetening Coffee
I am hooked!

OK I don’t usually drink cold coffee but baby when I tell you that café con Leche is the best tasting coffee drink that I have ever had. The packaging is perfect and the customer service is impeccable. 

— Tawana

Cup of Coffee
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